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The key objectives of the Workshop Service Advisor position are:

  • To plan and co-ordinate operational activities at workshop level, to include mechanical, administrative and customer service level tasks thus ensuring efficient and effective flow of processes and delivery of high quality of services in a timely manner.
  • To promote the excellent image and reputation of the company through demonstration of outstanding product and technical knowledge and providing an outstanding customer service to all external and internal customers.





  • Co-ordinates mechanical work at the Workshop in view of achieving optimal levels of productivity, efficiency and effectiveness of the flow process.
  • Takes delivery of motorcycles from clients at arrival for servicing, accidents and repairs.
  • Ensures that information on the Check List is complete and correct, and that the client’s requests are well-captured.
  • Ensures Jobs creation on SAP and integrates them into the Workshop’s overall planning.
  • Provides technical feedbacks and communicates expected job completion targets to clients.
  • Schedules the work assignments of mechanics on the floor and according to set priority status.
  • Prepares accident quotations and forwards them to concerned parties in a timely manner.
  • Liaises with insurance company concerning approval for accident & repairs and keeps records of approvals.
  • Oversees the status of all work in progress and coordinates all jobs to achieve optimal levels of productivity and efficient and effective flow of process.
  • Provides the company’s internal and external customers with an excellent customer service at all times.
  • Maintains records and prepares required reports relevant to the operation of the workshop.
  • Preserves a complete record of vehicles, repairs, parts usage, parts and gasoline products inventory at all time.
  • Contacts and follows up with suppliers and clients with regards to claims on damaged or unsatisfactory products or on any queries or complaints.
  • Coordinates incoming work with existing workload.
  • Helps establish maintenance priorities.
  • Inspects repair work performed.
  • Demonstrates leadership and supervisory ability pertaining workshop operations.
  • Performs related clerical duties involving elementary accounting with the responsibility for accurate maintenance of all stores operation records.



General Administrative Duties

  • Conducts all administrative duties attached to the job.
  • Assists at Reception Counter of respective Branch as and when required.



Reporting & Controlling

  • Updates the Job in Progress Report on the designated systems and in a timely manner, ensuring that contained information is current and accurate at all times.
  • Provides regular updates to direct superior on work in progress.
  • Prepares and submits reports to the immediate upper hierarchical person as and when required.
  • Flags any issues or actual / predicted deviations from plan at the earliest possible point in time. 



Training, Learning & Development

  • Participates in any Learning & Development opportunities offered by the company.




  • Performs any other cognate duties as may be assigned by Management.
  • Performs all duties strictly in line with the company’s policies and procedures, and on the designated systems.
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