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Emcar Tyres


Wingfoot Co Ltd is a tire company owned by Emcar Ltd. It is the official distributor for Goodyear, Kumho, MRF, Zeta, Emrald and Mitas tires, which are rated in the top world brands.
Wingfoot Co Ltd sells to corporate and we are located at Cocoterie Rd Roche Bois, Wingfoot Co Ltd trades under the Hi-Q brand.
Our TBM (Tire bay Management) and corporate divisions, ensure professional service to companies which need to manage effectively their motor vehicle running expenses and maximize the cost per kilometer on each tire spent.
The company specializes in the sale and service of tires, both new and retreads. It also sells tire accessories such as tubes, valves, flaps and repair kits.

Our Services

  • Tire Bay Management
  • Wheel Demounting and Remounting
  • After sales service of Tires for Companies
  • Scrap Tire Analysis
  • Retreading

Our range of brands and products has been carefully selected to satisfy different demands for:

  • Reliable brands
  • Good value for money tires
  • Performant Rs per km tires
  • Van, light truck, truck, bus, agricultural, forklift and industrial tires

Past experience :
Cargo Handling Corporation / Mauritius Freeport Authority
Phoenix Beverages Ltd / Rose Hill Transport / Ministry of Agro Industry and Food Security
Alteo Ltd / Terragri Ltd


Established in Pailles in 1990, Emcar Tyres (retreading department) uses environmentally friendly tyre retreading techniques based on international standards, to ensure optimum tyre performance, driver safety and cost-efficient tyre management. Equipped with state-of-the-art machinery and a highly skilled workforce, every used tyre entering our retread factory, undergoes a series of rigorous examinations to ensure the tyre’s re-usability, which is crucial to the vehicles’ safety.

What is retreading?
Like wine, rubber improves with age. Retreading is the process whereby worn tyres are fitted with a new tread to give it a second life. A worn tyre can be retreaded up to 4 times, and is as safe and durable as any comparable new tyre. Retreaded tyres can be driven at the same legal speeds as new tyres with no loss in safety, performance or comfort.
At Emcar Tyres (retreading department) , tyres are retreaded using the Cold Cure technique.

Why retread?
Whether you are a motorist looking for ways to stretch the family budget or a fleet manager buying hundreds of tires a year, costs must somehow be controlled in today’s stringent economy. Truckers, airlines, construction companies, farmers and passenger car owners all purchase retreaded tyres for one basic reason – to save money.
A retreaded tyre costs less to produce than a new tyre and sells for less – usually between 30 and 50 percent of the comparable new tire tyre price. Retreading is an effective way to lower your tire costs.

Are retreads safe?
All commercial airlines, as well as military jet aircraft, use retreaded tyres.
Professional retreaders adhere to stringent industry recommended practices at every step of the retreading process.

Our Retreaded Tyres
Emcar Tyres (retreading department) specializes in the retreading of light truck tyres, tyres for buses, trucks, and trailers, that is dimensions from 185R14 to 445/65R22.5. Our raw materials are imported from Europe and South Africa. Our services include free professional advice at your premises, evaluation of your tyres’ re-usability, as well as free collection and delivery. By choosing to retread your tyres instead of buying new ones, you can not only help protect our environment but also enjoy cost savings.


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